Back in the day, I was fortunate to run with a crew of four other guys who I had the pleasure of considering my personal band of brothers. We were together for thick and thin and for everything in between. Time, being the bitch that she is, does what she does and as the years ground on to the better part of a decade, we didn’t do as good a job at keeping up with each other as we probably should have. Sure, we passed the occasional email and the even more rare phone call, but other interests and commitments intervened and “the Guys” became something we could only speak of in the past tense.

Happily, I’ve been able to confirm today that three of the Guys will be getting together here in Memphis this August for the first time in probably five years. In fact, this is probably the largest reunion of the group that we’re likely to ever see, due to circumstances largely beyond the control of any one individual. It’s all the more special because it’s we three kids from the crick who really formed the original core of the group.

I’ve forgotten who said it originally, but I’m reminded of I heard as a freshman at Frostburg that said something to the effect of “Any time three guys get together, they’re joined by a fourth guy… and that guys name is ‘stupid.’” I’d say everyone can rest assured that sometime during this trip, “Stupid” will make an appearance.

So, there it is. The first weekend in August, I’ll have two of my oldest and dearest friends in town. Toss in the Counting Crows (who were my soundtrack for most of the mid-90s) concert that they’ve graciously agreed to attend while they’re in town and Jeff is one very, very happy guy. Is it still OK to say psyched? Yeah, psyched totally covers it.

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