People… People that need people…

I can’t help myself. When someone sends me a website like, I simply have to look… at all 45 pages. Some of the pictures were funny, some were stupid, and some were simply disgusting. The thing that really caught my attention, though, was the section where you can read the hate mail the site receives. Seriously, some of that stuff was better than the actual pictures. I guess people who complain about websites are the same type who complain about what’s on television. Sure, I don’t deny your right to complain at all… but wouldn’t just surfing on over to a different site be a better use of you time. I’m just sayin.

One thought on “People… People that need people…

  1. Thanks, currently losing an hour of my life looking at these atrocities. Must click again! Found my own today, skinny, bald white trash/ghetto thug wanna be in black velour jacket with sleeves completely covered in silver sequins. He was at Target though.

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