Without going into the politics of it all, let me just say that if I, as a low level functionary in the great machine, decided to start conducting all of my day-to-day official work using the email server associated with, I may or may not last out the week before someone at echelons higher than reality noticed and took one of the following actions: 1) terminated me with prejudice for violating security protocols and network standards; 2) Disciplined me to within an inch of my life ensuring that my career was effectively, if not officially, at an end; or 3) Turned me over to the local constabulary for prosecution. The likely outcome is some combination of the three.

The chances of my ever being named Secretary of Anything is precisely the same as the chances of my sprouting wings from my back and flying down to South America for the weekend. Still, with all that said I like to think if I were nominated and confirmed for such an august position within the government, I’d find some way to work within the system and still get my email set up exactly the way I like it.

In the rank and file, there are few things more demoralizing than seeing the great and the good blatantly walking around the rules they expect the rest of us to operate under. Even if it weren’t demoralizing it would cost you any shred of credibility you might have ever had in my eyes… and when it comes to working politicians, there’s precious little of that in the bank to begin with.

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