Trumped up…

Let me go on record as saying I am in no way on the Trump bandwagon. I think what he said about Senator McCain is damned near inexcusable. Regardless of his virtues as a politician – and he has plenty of positions staked out I have problems with – the man is a real, living war hero. Just the fact that he was give a free pass out of North Vietnam and refused tells me that if nothing else, the senator is an honorable man. Questioning his service, and by extension his patriotism, made Mr. Trump look foolish and small by comparison.

That being said, the power players in both major parties were aligning against him long before the latest dust up over the uses of the word “hero.” The Republican Party hates him. The Democratic Party hates him. With enemies like that, I’m not completely ready to dismiss Mr. Trump. Say what you will about the guy, but unlike Republicans who fell over themselves to run away from controversies surrounding a flag, or Democrats who rand towards the cameras to apologize for saying “all lives matter,” Trump apparently has no filter between his brain and his mouth. He doesn’t talk like a typical mush mouthed, pandering politician trying to take both sides of every issue. It’s almost fun to watch him crash around amid a political class whose primary mission seems to be to offend as few people as possible.

Being fun to watch, of course, doesn’t necessarily translate into someone I’d want running the free world. If this bull stays in the china shop through November 2016 – most likely as a 3rd party vanity candidate – the Republican party can pack it in for the foreseeable future… which makes me wonder, why aren’t more Democrats piling onto the Trump for President team? Or is that too cynical even for American politics?

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