They’re not master debaters…

Tonight is the next in what promises to be a mind-numbingly endless series of Republican primary debates. Say what you may about the group of people who have ended up on that stage, but you don’t tend to rise to that level in American political life without convincing a fair number of people – and more than a few people with very deep pockets – that you’re The One.

One thing I know based on observing the last go around with this bunch, but none of them are master debaters. I didn’t see any sign of one of them being able to simply mop the floor with the others. I don’t expect any of them to land a knockout punch tonight. Hitting that hard just isn’t likely when you’re in the ring with that many other people. We’re still in the phase of the nominating process where death by a thousand cuts is most likely. I fully expect some of the old familiar faces will fall and a few new ones are yet to make an appearance before we get around to any real voting (or caucusing – Iowa, you freak).

This early in the game I’m not sure I even know what a “win” for tonight looks like. For some, it might be as simple as not wetting themselves on national television. For others it might be advancing a policy point or two. For Donald Trump it’s probably to say something outlandish enough to make sure none of the others get any coverage at all after the event.

All I know is we’re still one hell of a long way from Election Day 2016… and I’m not sure I can deal with watching these guys playing with themselves that long.

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