Tear jerker…

Ok friends, first off, let me say up front that this post is likely going to offend approximately 50% of people who read it. That’s fine. It might even be good if that offense turns into anything like a discussion or even a moment to think through the issue at hand.

One of the meme’s I’ve seen online over the last few days really leaves me with a head scratching moment every time it comes along.  I’m a reasonably well educated man, but I stand utterly agape when I see someone post that “We have to let everyone into the country because the Statue of Liberty says so.”

Now I have no ill feeling for Lady Liberty. She’s a fine monument. I think that back in the mid-1980s our elementary school even had a fundraiser to help her along through a renovation.

The thing I really want to know from those who would see the spigot cranked wide open, though, is how many of the “huddled masses” are they personally willing to stand surety? For how many will they personally provide food, clothing, and ensure prompt medical care? For how many are they personally willing to assume responsibility? How many can come over and crash in their spare bedroom? Will they let them use the family car or make them catch the bus?

If the answer is “none,” or “the government should do that,” I’m afraid I find your support for the tear jerker of the moment less than convincing. It’s awfully easy to say “oh dear, someone should help those poor people,” but if you feel so strongly that we should take all comers regardless of cost and regardless of risk, this is probably going to be one of those cases where your actions speak louder than your words.

Or just go ahead and post another meme with Liberty in the background. Either way.

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