Super (said in the most sarcastic voice imaginable) Tuesday…

Call it Super Tuesday, or the more recently fashionable SEC Primary. Either way, primary election season is rolling on through the heart of the Old South and picking up a few states in the middle and western parts of the country. In fact as I write this, the polls in the east are getting ready to close.

As indifferent as I try to be about the proceedings I suppose it’s inevitable that my inner political science major comes out on nights like this. Wall to wall coverage, exit polls, dozens of analysts providing spin… I suppose to the broader majority of the public it sounds a little bit like hell. Ask me yesterday – or maybe even again tomorrow – and I’ll probably agree with you.

Tonight though… tonight I’m going to enjoy the madness of elections in the electronic age. I don’t know if I could ever respect myself if there really was a tidal shift in the electorate and I wasn’t paying attention when it happened.

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