It occurred to me today that the most problematic part of this election isn’t that there are two differing approaches to governance in play, but rather it’s how we talk and think about those two sides. I speculate that damned few have ever stopped to ponder that the contempt and loathing with which the left views the Republican frontrunner is matched precisely with the contempt and loathing the right feels for the Democratic frontrunner. Depending on who you talk to Trump is a bigoted charlatan or Clinton is an unindicted felon. There’s no room for movement beyond that base position – and god forbid you acknowledge, however grudgingly, a strength of the other side you’ve betrayed the party.

I don’t have any deep analysis or thoughts for improvement, just this less than studied observation. I don’t know that there is any room for improvement when half the country is committed to the proposition that the opposing candidate is the devil’s spawn. It certainly preempts the possibility of discussion or dialog. It’s a problem, and one that I’m as guilty of participating in as everyone else, but finding a way to fix it seems like a better idea than half the country fleeing to Canada every four years.

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