Too close for comfort…

As the shitshow that is the 2016 presidential election swings through Indiana, I’m very aware that the major party choices are in all likelihood coming down to either someone I will always think of as an unindicted felon who I could never trust or a professional flimflam artist who I could never respect. I’ve followed politics for my entire adult life and I honestly have no idea what to make of or do with these options. The idea that either of them is a fit successor to the seat vacated by His Excellency George Washington is nothing short of incomprehensible.

I usually try reminding myself that the nature of the body politic is elastic and ever changing, that through it all the Republic endures. Given the increasing rate at which the two parties and wide cross-sections of the populace are polarizing and the ever widening chasm between them, even the idea of endurance begins to feel like it might be too much of a stretch.

As I’ve noted on more than one occasion, being in reliable blue Maryland, my vote for the top of the ballot carries very little meaning in the shifting fortunes of presidential politics. Mercifully there are still down ballot races where it will have a prayer of moving the bubble ever so slightly. Even knowing that I keep coming back to the idea that in November we’re going to elect one of these creatures as the next Commander-in-Chief. Seeing either one of the douchcanoes at the top of my rating chain, even if it is eleven layers removed, places them far too close for comfort.

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