Damned Myspace…

The last two books I’ve red haven’t been located by the wonderful little “what are you reading” function on the blog posting page. For anyone who cares, reviews are as follows:

1. Gentleman Soldier – A short narrative on focusing on the brief, but exemplary military career of LTG Wade Hampton, CSA as well as his political life after the war as governor of South Carolina and US Senator. An excellent little work if you are interested in Confederate leadership beyond Lee, Jackson, and Stewart. An easy and good read even for those not particularly versed in the Civil War.

2. Alan Shrugged – A newish biography of Alan Greenspan, covering his childhood and delving into his personal life as well as his tenure as economic advisor and Fed Chairman. Just started this one tonight, but so far have been impressed with the book’s readability.

I could rant about why Myspace doesn’t link to these titles, but have a feeling that I would end up sounding more like a elitist prick than usual. Does anyone want to comment on the irony of being called an elitist prick and being from Western Maryland? At some level the two seem somewhat incompatible, I think.

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