Going down hill…

I’m not going to lie… My little apartment here in the EC use to be a pretty nice place to live. Nice enough people, good maintenance, and that tell-tale sign of how decent an apartment complex is, nice cars in the parking lot. I guess I hadn’t really noticed it while it was happening, sort of like how you never actually remember when your puppy actually turned into a full-grown dog, but this place has gone down hill.

It’s the little things I notice, like trash in the common areas, patios and balconies jammed with unidentifiable “stuff,” a significant decrease in the quality of vehicles being parked outside. I guess it took a few weeks away to re-sensitize me. Now that I have a fresh look at the place, one way or another, it’s time for me to go. I realized yesterday that the two neighbors who were actually decent had pulled up stakes while I was gone. Guess it’s time to move along myself.

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