Not quite writer’s block…

Actually, I suppose the phrase “writer’s block” implies that I haven’t been writing when, in fact, I’ve turned out a fair amount of copy in the last few days… Just nothing that I would think of as blog-worthy. Predominantly, it has been for class or for work, but I have found a few moments to do some writing purely for my own purposes and have found it as satisfying as ever. Some days I think I may have missed my calling and should have made a career of thinking on a topic, reading a little, writing, and then repeating the process until I have a new idea worked out. As I understand it, though, that job description is a little hard to come by and the pay scale sucks. One thing I have found is that a business degree has very little resemblance to actual academics and it’s nice to get back to thinking about issues of history and politics, even if no one but me will ever read the end results.

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