Damned Yuppies…

OK, so I have safely arrived in Northern Virginia, checked in to the hotel, and before meeting some of the gang for dinner, I wanted to stock up on the beverages and munchies for the room. No problem, I’m in Alexandria, finding some place to pick up a few Cokes and a bag of chips shouldn’t be hard, right? Yeah. I can’t find a 7-Eleven, or a damned drugstore… but I can walk across the street and find a friggin Whole Foods. So instead of the high fructose kick I was looking for, I’m choking down one of the two bottles of something labeled “Honest Tea,” and looking at the baked organic potato chips and a bag of five apples that are about the size of handballs that I got for $14 and change. I really don’t even know what to say about that. There isn’t anything about this experience that doesn’t seem just plain wrong.

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