Pulling the plug…

So after a long consideration, I’ve decided that it’s just about time to pull the plug on my MySpace page. I haven’t updated it in months and have only logged on a handful of times since setting up my Facebook page. Even with the minimal content left over at MySpace, I have a feeling that it’s just sort of an unfinished project that has outlived its usefulness. So, consider this your official notice that over the next few days, I’ll be salvaging whatever halfway decent content is left over there and moving it over to Facebook or doing away with it altogether. Don’t be surprised if things come down over the weekend for good. So get your last looks in now, because once it’s gone, baby, it’s gone.

And for those of you who haven’t made the switch or are contemplating it, Facebook has Jeff’s Seal of Approval. There’s no guarantee of any kind associated with that Seal, but I’ll tell you it’s damned good stuff. Hope to see you over there soon.

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