Right here, right now…

It’s not being heavily covered here in the States yet, but there’s something unusual going on in Iran this week… In the closing days of it’s presidential election, their crazy-assed dictator is actually running neck and neck with the opposition candidate. And that’s something that would have been unthinkable just a few weeks ago.

Half of the voters in Iran are under thirty and they, along with many academics and the rising middle class, have taken to the streets in protest against what they see as the corrupt and fanatical tyranny of their leader. I’m trying hard to put the grainy film of similar demonstrations 30 years ago out of my mind and remember that the world has changed alot since 1979.

I’m no optimist, but maybe, just maybe these young reformers will have enough juice to pull their country back from the brink. While this isn’t exactly the spirit of ’76, we could be seeing the birth pangs of a real democracy movement in one of the most dangerous parts of the world… Or, if it’s not nurtured, we could watch the movement die before it draws it’s first full breath.

I believe democracy in one form or another is the destiny of all people. It’s marked the long upward struggle through tyrants and kings of the civilized world. It was wrenched by petty dictators, holocausts, and long centuries of bloody wars, both civil and otherwise… And it’s not an inevitable destiny.

Hopefully, I turn my eyes to those brave men and women of Iran who are even now risking all simply by telling their government “this far and no further.” The tide of history is with you as are the greatest hopes of those in our great country who would call you friends.

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