Upgrade update…

I was unimaginably relieved to find that when I got to the Apple Store at 6:15 this morning, there were already about 40 people in line… and that fortunately they were in the “walk up” line rather than the line for those who had pre-ordered their tasty new iPhone 3G S. Why someone wouldn’t have just gone online and done the pre-order thing is another question altogether. The sales and activation process worked flawlessly (after the two previous iPhone launch efforts approached the status of epic failures).

I won’t try to do a comprehensive review at this point, but suffice to say that if you are on the fence, go ahead and do the deal. It’s much, much snappier than my year old 3G and even with the added speed, it has seemed to be a touch easier on the battery in what I would describe as heavy use. I’ve already covered some of the basic updates like copy and paste (finally) as well as some of the features that are still lacking, such as support for MMS (boo AT&T) so I won’t cover that ground again this afternoon.

What I’m really looking forward to is the new apps that I’m sure are being developed to take advantage of the new capabilities… seriously upgraded graphics, real-time turn by turn navigation, and a metric crapload of storage. Toss in video capture and voice control that I’m just now getting around to testing out and I’m predicting a winner for Apple. There are a lot of commentators out there saying that it’s an evolutionary phone rather than a revolutionary one. I’m OK with that if only because they got so much right in this model.

It’s a beautiful (if insanely hot) day, I’ve got a fantastic new toy, and I’ll be enjoying a tasty beverage at the Flying Saucer in just a few hours… It has been a good, good day all the way around.

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