100 and counting…

Well, friends, we’ve reached 100 posts here on Blogger. I’ve been struggling with what topic to hit on this evening. Usually I try to keep the focus on current events or just randomness that has caused aggravation or consternation during the day. At the moment, however, the news is full of things that are cause for annoyance… and I’m too tired of reading and hearing about most of it to throw my two cents into the ether. As for the general grievances, I’ve been airing most of them in status messages this week, so there’s no need to cover that ground twice.

Starting tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be headed back in the general direction of Memphis (with an overnight in Maryland). I always look forward to these trips back to the mid-Atlantic, but on the tail end of this one, I’m ready to get back into the routine. These people have been quite simply exhausting. I’ve managed to spend some quality time with the family and meet up with a few old friends while I was here. Hopefully I can count on a repeat and then some if my schedule holds and I’m back in October for a few weeks. Not sure if I’ll be posting between the time I leave and when I get back to West Tennessee, but when stupid happens, you’ll read it first here.

P.S. I’m watching “The First 48” (not in Memphis this week) and they are interrogating a suspect named “Royal Cola.” Can someone tell me WTF parents are thinking when they do that? I can only hope that his middle name isn’t “Crown,” but it seems more likely than not.

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