Fire two…

Cumberland job announcement #2 closes in about an hour and then it’s a restart on the waiting game. It’s been a week and a half since the first job announcement closed and I’m increasingly anxious to see if I’ll manage to make the cut for the interview round. If I miss the cut for the first one, making it for the second is extremely unlikely given that the latter is the higher graded of the two. If yes, I want to get started on the pre-interview prep. I’ve been out of that world for a couple of years and I’ll need to get current on the fly. That shouldn’t be a problem.

There are always other possibilities, of course, but I want to rule these in or out before getting too committed anywhere else. So for tonight the resume is spruced up and fired off into the interwebs in the hopes that a nice selecting official will find it irresistible. Let’s see if we can get this done, shall we?

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