In appreciation of dogs…

The more time I spend around people, the more I like my dogs. There are plenty of people I like well enough, but after a day at the office, there’s nothing better than coming home to these two. They’re not going to want to talk or ask questions. They’re not going to need a PowerPoint on short notice. And they’re not going to call an impromptu meeting. They’re mostly going to be happy with the same dinner they’ve had every day for two years, hanging out on the patio, and an occasional scratch behind the ears. Dogs are decidedly uncomplicated like that. When the world where you spend eight hours a day is doing its level best to go sailing off the rails, they’re an amazing bit of dependable normalcy… and possibly the last bulwark between me and bludgeoning people into a coma with a three hole punch.

One thought on “In appreciation of dogs…

  1. Hey Jeff,
    I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to read my weekly Jeffreysims! But I did get caught up on this quiet, boring Friday afternoon. You hit the nail right on the head. I can have a rather bad day, but the minute I walk through the door, I have 3 special friends who greet me and think I’m the best thing since sliced bread. I thank the good Lord everyday for a creature that gives more times than it receives!

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