Nothing at all…

I know I have a temper. It’s a family trait. Fortunately I also have a surprisingly long fuse and occasionally can muster the zen-like ability to let stupid crash over me like a wave. But honest to God the hardest thing I do on a daily basis is sit and listen to absolute nonsense and say nothing at all. Not because I’m particularly afraid of what might happen, but because history has shown me that it won’t make a damned bit of difference. I don’t make a practice of going against the lessons of history. Instead, I jot down a few more notes. I fire off 100 word blog. And I wonder why they don’t offer a college class on how to get ahead in life by suspending both logic and disbelief. That would have been far more useful than Geography 101 or Cosmic Concepts. If I get through the next two days without having a stroke I’m going to proclaim it a personal victory and establish a holiday in it’s honor.

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