If anyone is following along at home, tonight’s update is just a brief note to say that this morning’s interview went well. That is to say as well as an interview can go when the prospect of the interviewer being able to make an offer anytime in the near future is completely unknown. Like all my other sit downs with selecting officials from across the Mid-Atlantic, this office is also subject to my nemesis the hiring freeze. That unfortunate circumstance notwithstanding, I’m comfortable that I delivered the best pitch possible… and now we’re back to the waiting game. That’s progress.

2 thoughts on “Progress…

  1. Glad to hear you’re finding some progress…Unfortunately (for me), I’m not.

    I’m looking at two potential opportunities, but nobody knows if the potentially vacant positions can be filled internally or if the hiring freeze will make them remain vacant.

    Good for you for making some headway, though!

    • I hear you on that. That was 3 interviews after 350 odd resumes and all three are covered under the freeze. I was talking to a friend of mine tonight and commented that when the powers that be finally open the books, half the government is going to stand up and shift cubicles. Good luck in your search, we all need it.

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