A sign of life…

After another week of ponderous waiting, I was given another gentle reminder that this thing up north might actually work out. I got to spend a few minutes talking to a to individual who will act as my “sponsor” during the transition and in-processing period. It wasn’t exactly the call from HR that I have been waiting for, but it’s a sign of life. At this point on the long, torturous process I seem to be overly given to looking for signs and reading tea leaves. Absent the magic moment when they throw the switch from tentative to official, that is probably as good as it’s going to get. After nine months, you’d think that I would be use to waiting for things to happen.

The ability of the system to make the simple things hard is never far from my thoughts these days. Since this whole exercise involves filling out some paperwork and moving my electrons from one database to another, it’s still hard to understand how it could possibly take as long as it does. The irony is that once they pull the trigger, they’ll probably want to give me a short reporting date and wonder why I can’t get out of here with a whole two weeks notice. I’ve been around this Army long enough to know better than spend a dime making preparations without a set of orders in hand. So, I hurry up and wait.

2 thoughts on “A sign of life…

  1. So happy the tea leaves are finally sending you a message. Apparently some other Army posts haven’t got the message 😦 The person who interviewed me 3 months ago, was the one who unofficially told me I got the job. I contacted him over a week ago and he said he was going to contact CPAC last week, but I haven’t heard from either one of them. Is common courtesy to much to ask for?

    Loved your post about your furbabies, too. I have my own two that drain my bank account regularly, too. They are shih tzus. Rags is 11, and was born deaf. No worries, though. I taught him sign language when he was 5 mo. old. No one knows he is deaf unless I tell them. He now has a cat. 5 heart murmur. Patches is going to be 10 next month. He has developed all kinds of skin problems in the last year… while I was out of work, of course. Wouldn’t trade them for the world.

    Are you staying dry? Has the water level gone down?

    • The sandbags are still up around our building, but the high water seems to have passed. The flood level is slowing going down in memphis, though the River is expected to stay above flood stage well into June. Thankfully, the house is on high ground so there was never any worry there.

      I know what you mean about frustration. The job that was “mine” back in January is with an agency that has decided to operate as if the freeze was still in effect so they still aren’t hiring any of their positions. The selecting official at least came out and told me that much when I emailed him. I’ve been having alot of those “if I were king for a day” moments lately, but even at that it’s hard to believe the process can be so disorganized… even by military standards.

      I’m still amazed at the lengths we’ll go to for our pets. There are definitely days when they’re my last touchstone with sanity. Blind adoration is a wonderful feeling… even if it does cost a small fortune. 😉 As I’m writing this mine are chasing each other through the living room, around the kitchen and down the hall, making a complete circuit of the house. It sounds like I have an indoor horse track.

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