That’s progress…

I had a vague hope for most of the day that the powers that be would intercede and pass the word before close of business. It would have been nice to spend the weekend in something other than a state of definite maybe. That might over-state the situation a bit, but the clock is running and almost everything involved in this process is time sensitive. The longer it takes to square things away here, the more of a headache it’s going to be to start getting things lined up on the other end. Until they officially put a mark on the wall, I’ll remain stuck somewhere between reality and happy illusion – and there’ll be a hard limit on how far I can and can’t prepare. Can I pack every stick of stuff in the house? Sure. But I don’t know if that means I’m going to spend the next two days or two months surrounded by boxes and making dinner every night in the one saucepan that I didn’t pack. I can’t make any definitive plans to get a house full of boxes from here to there. Maybe more difficult is that I can’t start making any decisions about where I’ll be unpacking all those boxes once they get to wherever they’re going. I’m getting visions of way too many nights hanging out in a not quite mid-grade extended stay hotel. It won’t take me long to close out on this end. That’s the beauty of planning your exit for the better part of the year. The issues that are bedeviling me tonight are all about what happens after the Mayflower truck pulls away from Memphis. I know I can torch that bridge when I get to it, but for someone who lives his life by a plan, it’s the kind of uncertainty that can keep a guy up at night. If there’s any up side, it’s that I seem to have gone from being paranoid about the job itself to only being paranoid about what it’s going to take to get from here to there. That’s progress.

3 thoughts on “That’s progress…

  1. I look forward to your posts each night. You take the words out of my mouth so many times! I’ve even anticipated the extended stay hotel thing myself.

    I spent the day waiting for the phone to ring, too. Do you have any idea why they aren’t calling? What do they have to do before making a temporary / permanent offer? Are they just plain lazy or is there more going on behind the scenes than I am aware of?

    I used to love weekends. I looked forward to them. Now I hate them. They pass tortuosly slow. Welcome to another one of those weekends.

    • I agree. The weekends are tough when you’re expecting the call. At least weekdays it’s only a few hours wait until everyone’s back at their desk and there’s the possibility of someone calling.

      There’s actually alot going on behind the scenes before there’s a final offer. Verifying clearances, pay setting, clearing priority placement lists, coordinating release dates with the losing command/personnel office. Not that I’m making an excuse for how long it takes. I just can’t believe the system needs to be as complicated as we’ve made it.

      • I can understand all the stuff that needs to be done between the temp and perm offers, but could they at least approach me with the ‘official’ temp offer so they can get started on all that other ‘stuff’? I just read online that Secret clearances are taking 1-3 months and Top Secret are taking at least 12 months. Why couldn’t they have approached me with the temp offer and been busy getting everything in order while the freeze was on? I’m getting fussy about this whole situation. The part that makes it easy to get fussy is that they (meaning the HR Specialists) are so nasty when you try to get even general information from them. Nothing to do but sit and wait and hope one day they will be in your situation… deperately waiting for a pay check… and know how it feels. Boo.

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