I don’t expect alot from my tech, but when I do tend to expect is that it runs quickly when I hit the on switch. Up until a few weeks ago, my laptop delivered as much zip and performance as it did the day I took it out of the box. Now it’s gotten so laggy that I can barely stand to use it. I’ve tinkered around with some of the settings, cleaned things up as best I can without making a major effort, and have pretty much been met with more chop and even less vim and vigor. I’ve got plenty of hard drive space left, sufficient RAM, and a machine that’s acting like it’s severely underpowered. Spending your off hours trying to diagnose a sick laptop isn’t the way you want to spend your time when you’re pretending to moonlight as a real life struggling writer. I need my laptop that just works, to just work and not give me a crap ton of problems right now. I’m going to try to nurse it through the next few days and the dedicate as much time as necessary this weekend to put right. Failing this weekend’s heroic efforts to make a repair, it might be time to bite the bullet and spend some of that tax refund on something shiny and new with some plussed up processing power.

With the impending launch of the 3rd gen iPad, it might be time to consider going back to an overpowered desktop for home using the iPad for all my mobile needs. Sure, it’s another one of those fancy first world problems, but it’s the one that’s in my face giving me fits right now, and that’s the one that always gets tackled first.

3 thoughts on “Molasses…

  1. Hey JD. Sorry to hear about your technical issues. I couldn’t use an ipad….I need a real keyboard, not a touch screen. Last year for my birthday my husband bought me an HP Pavillion dv6…I love it…its thin but has a good sized screen and a user-friendly keyboard. 🙂

    • I had a real issue with the touch screen at first too, but have gotten pretty darn speedy on it. I really just like that it weighs next to nothing and I can whip it out anywhere and get down a paragraph or two before the idea disappears. I guess maybe it’s my substitute for the old notepad and pen on the nightstand.

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