Ever have one of those days where you walk out of the office with your brains scrambled for no apparent reason? Yeah. Today was one of those days. Nothing bad happened, there were no rush jobs dropped on my head at the last minute, and I even got a months-long project wrapped up and off my desk for good. Still, I feel like my brain was wiped to a froth and then delicately poured back into my head. I have absolutely nothing witty or sarcastic to add to this statement of fact. Instead, I’m going to turn on the television and find something equally mindless to run in the background of the evening.

One thought on “Scrambled…

  1. Yes, I’ve had days like that and I can usually blame it on a medication mix-up…lol. Sorry you are feeling scrambled. Maybe you just need a bit of a break. Go outside and take a long walk…treat yourself to one of your favorite meals…and maybe a long, lazy nap. Everyone deserves a break once in awhile. 🙂

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