Even more from the archives…

MIdlandJust because I’m in the middle of packing, loading the truck, trying to settle the dogs, and make sure the house is locked up tight, is no reason Sunday’s traditional posts from the archive should be interrupted. This week features old gold from November 2006. They’re the random thoughts about Thanksgiving, packing for my it-sounded-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time move to Memphis, and a few other odds from one of the more spastic period of my life. It’s not always the best possible writing, but there’s often some interesting stuff hidden in there. As usual, I’m glad I wrote some of this foolishness down instead of trying to rely on my coffee-soaked brain to keep track of it all. Clearly I’ve forgotten some of the best stories from the old days.

So yeah, enjoy this week’s archive posts. I’ll plan on being back with you just as soon as I get my computer set up at the Historic Jeffrey Tharp Childhood Home, Library, and Gift Shop.

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