Live from 2007…

Even six years ago, it seems I was having a bit of trouble dredging up fresh new topics for the blog… which in my opinion makes the fact that we’re all still here even more impressive in a slightly warped, wondering if I have too much free time after all, kind of way.

In any case, the latest five blogs from February 2007 are now available for your reading enjoyment. I have to admit that there’s nothing earth shattering in this week’s batch, but still it’s helps paint the full picture of blogging then and now. For you coffee snobs, there is a link in there for one of my favorite coffee companies, so be sure to check that out.

I just did a quick read through the next ten or fifteen posts you’ll see in the coming Sundays and there’s some fun stuff on the horizon… So remember, before you go talk to the Lord on Sunday mornings, stop here first and make sure you have something to talk about.

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