Ah, Sunday…

It’s the weekly day of rest that is generally anything but restful. Mostly it’s a mad dash around the house doing all the small jobs that don’t seem to get done through the week and I can’t bring myself to do on Saturday as a matter of principle. Throw in the fact that you can feel Monday breathing down your neck and there’s just not much to recommend it.

On the upside, Sunday morning means its time to delve once more into Ye Olde MySpace Archive to see what the cat drug in for the week. Straight from July 2008, we have a few rants about work, the pondering of a new puppy owner, and the pending revocation of my man card. They all feel like posts I could have written in the last six months. Like they say, the more thing change and all…

On an administrative note, the upcoming week is going to be touch and go. I’ll do my best to keep the posts on schedule, but if I drop a day or two I hope you’ll forgive me.

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