Following the wrong group…

SPOILER ALERT… Don’t say you weren’t warned.

After watching last night’s season ender of The Walking Dead, I’m left with the feeling that we’ve been watching the wrong group of survivors all along. Instead of watching Rick and his ever-shrinking band of lost souls we should have been watching Negan while he went about the hard work of building what passes for a civilization in the post-apocalypse world.

Where the Alexandrians scrape by in hunter-gatherer mode like our pre-historic ancestors, The Saviors are operating under what appears to be a semi-feudal arrangement – with Negan standing in as king and surrounding himself with subordinate warlords and their attendant men-at-arms. Rick and company spent much of the last half of this season pulling apart chasing their own personal agendas. Defending hearth and home almost felt secondary. When faced with The Savior’s numerical and tactical superiority, the Grimes Gang folded without doing much more than going out for a nice drive in the country.

I wish we had been out in the weeds with Negan for the last six seasons. His is probably the more interesting story… and his is the armed camp I’d rather be in when the shit hits the fan.

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