Concentrated and juicy…

I’m probably way more suspicious than I should be. It’s not so much that I’m paranoid (I’m nowhere near important enough for the universe to be conspiring against me after all) as I have a healthy skepticism about most things. It kicks into overdrive when what I expected to be a day awash in asshattery turns out to be unexpectedly quiet and uncomplicated.

Today was the kind of day that makes me look over my shoulder or peer skyward to see if I can find the other shoe to come hurtling out of the stratosphere. It was the kind of day I expected to go completely sideways from the opening bell… and then when it didn’t, I spent the next eight hours watching my back and expecting the worst. By all rights today should have been a shitshow. The fact that it wasn’t, while pleasantly surprising, leaves me with decided feeling of dread and horror at what tomorrow could bring.

This close to a big muscle movement, there should have been churn and anguish. The fact that the email was manageable and the phone calls non-existent defies every kind of logic I know. I should probably attribute this deviation from the norm to it being the day after Easter, a fair number of people using up some of the precious time off, or contending, as I am, with a baked ham hangover. Or perhaps it was a lull to bait me into optimism based on a false sense of security.

My expectations for today were off. There’s still a whole mass of stupid coming down the line, it just seems it’s taking a bit longer to get here than I anticipated… the fact that it’s a day or more late arriving just means it’s just going to be more concentrated and juicy when the time comes.

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