Coronation weekend…

It’s Coronation Weekend. As an American citizen, there’s very little logic attached to the affinity I feel for the Crown. I mostly blame a childhood love of history that effortlessly channeled itself into stories of the thin red line of heroes carving an empire out of the far reaches of the world. That led seamlessly into a more general love of royal, military, and political history mostly ranging from the Restoration through the Napoleonic Wars, with a healthy bit of dabbling in the Victorian Age.

In any case, I expect it will be all coronation all the time for the next few days… as this American ponders a past that could have been, but for some determined malcontents from Boston and a Virginia landowner who didn’t so much manage to win, but keep his embattled forces from losing through the long war of revolution.

I am entirely delighted to be a spectator, even if only from my sofa, at this first coronation of my lifetime. I’ll invite you to join me in wishing good health and long life to Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

God Save The King.

One thought on “Coronation weekend…

  1. Can’t help but think that somewhere this weekend our Founders were collectively giving this family the finger. Now I supsect they would now consider our good friends across the pond as just that. Good friends. And I suspect they would be happy that King Chuck has not power over Endland or the colonies. But the Brits seem to like their royals. Still, I have to wonder if Harry hasn’t figured it all out and got the hell out of Dodge.

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