There will be no rending of garments here…


The Washington Post ran an editorial recently that went to great pains to denounce Sir Winston Churchill as a genocidal despot in the same vein as Stalin and Hitler. I’m not going to link to it as a matter of principle. It’s bad enough that I gave them the benefit of my click. I don’t want to be directly responsible for any others. Im satisfied enough calling it an agenda driven hatchet job along the same lines as those penned by scads of contemporary revisionists who want everyone to trip over themselves apologizing for history.

There will be no apologies here. I will not gnash my teeth nor rend my garments. I’m simply unwilling to suspend disbelief and malign the clarion voice that stood alone and rallied the world to the defense of Western democracy in it’s most endangered moment.

Was he a man of his time, a voice for empire in the imperial age? Yes, of course. Did he advocate actions that, from our oh so enlightened vantage point deep into the 21st century, strike a sour note? Yes. Was he a man full of human faults and failings? Undoubtedly.

Still, taken all in all, if I were pushed deep into a corner and could have only one man rise to my defense, I would take the lionhearted Churchill over the poisoned pen editorialist any day of the week and twice on St. George’s Day.

God Save the Queen.

At your own risk…

It has recently been brought to my attention that some of the posts I make here or via social networking websites may not be appropriate for consumption by children or adults who are overly sensitive to bad language, drinking, or “suggestive” content. If you are offended by these things, let me start by saying that I have no plans to modify nor apologize for the content that I publish. I do work hard to make sure it stays at least passably interesting for those who choose to read along and that it reflects the actual events taking place in my life. That is to say that sometimes I’m going to post about going to bars or doing other things that some people feel are not appropriate to discuss in public. I absolutely respect your right to voice your opinion and I hope that you will consider it “noted.”

The internet is a big place and there is plenty of far more “offensive” content out there for the Googling. There is also much more “family friendly” content available as well if that’s more to your liking. In the future, it may be advantageous to use the “back” button to navigate away from content that you find disagreeable or use the “block” or “hide” function to block automatic updates from appearing. If my random thoughts are the most offensive things you happen across here on the interwebs, you should consider yourself fortunate. Happy surfing!