I don’t usually post on Fridays because they tend to be the black hole of blogging. No matter how interesting a post you have, no one is going to see it anyway so it’s generally better to hold it for the next week.

Today is one of those rare exceptions to the rule simply because this is the 5 year anniversary of my transition to WordPress and the introduction of Big milestone here. It’s the rare bird indeed that manages to hold my attention through 1,826 days, 37,628 views, and 500 comments.

Thanks to everyone who’s been around since the beginning. Welcome to those who are just joining us. I like to think I’m still getting warmed up and finding my stride in the digital world… so we’ll just have to see how thinks look in another five years.

Defining “normal”…

I’m glad I’ve got this backlog of old posts to work through on Sunday mornings, because quite frankly I’m nowhere near caffeinated enough yet to be all that coherent. Loading you up with old posts from MySpace is a convenient crutch for a brain that’s probably an hour or two from firing on all cylinders. That won’t last forever, but I’ll lean on it as long as possible.

This week’s archive selections feature posts originally made in February and March 2008, a time when I was contemplating getting a dog and changing career trajectory. Honestly it’s so far from today’s “normal” that it doesn’t even feel like the same life… and of course that leads to the inevitable questions about if life five years ago was so different, how different will life be five year from now. It’s a fun question in theory, but let’s just say I’m not ready to spend alot of time pondering 2018 and life after 40 just yet. I’m not sure there’s enough caffein in the country to get me to go there yet.

Enjoy this morning’s archive posts and I’ll be back with a “live” tomorrow for your reading pleasure.