Do what you love…

For the third time in as many days I’ve seen or heard the phrase “do what you love and the money follows.” How many times have we told someone coming up in the world to just “do what you love?” The sentiment is fantastic. It would be a Christmas miracle if we could all get up every day and spend hours doing what we love.

Now if someone could just point me in the direction of the organization that wants to pick up the tab for sitting on the couch episode binging, absentmindedly rubbing Maggie’s ears, and drinking coffee that would be great. Please submit your sealed bids no later than February 28th for your offer to receive full consideration. All offers should include base salary, bonus and incentive scale, insurance, and retirement information. I can assure you that I would be a super conscientious employee and always give 100% to the job.

But yeah. Go do what you love looks great on motivational posters, coffee mugs, and refrigerator magnets… but when the market pays $0.00 an hour for doing what you love, my friendly recommendation is to go ahead and do something else for a while. You might not love it, but at least you won’t starve.

Long ago and far away…

Anyone who knew me in high school will probably attest that I wasn’t one of the kids that was going to show up at a party. Frankly, I’m still not one of the kids who shows up at parties. As a general rule lots of people and lots of noise makes me nervous and jerky. As usual, though, that’s not my point. My point (this time) is that I was a late sacwbloomer in the world of alcohol. I don’t think I had my first “serious” drink until I was 18 or 19. At that point my illicit underage drinking budget mostly allowed for such libations as “Mad Dog” 20/20, Milwaukee’s Best, Red Dog, and Honey Brown if it was a McPayday.

That all changed late in the summer of 1997. That’s when I met Sam Adams Cherry Wheat for the first time and realized that beer didn’t have to taste like ass. Unfortunately, you do have to pay a premium for non-skunky beer, but that summer opened my eyes to the idea that tasty adult beverages could be about more than drinking until you fall down. Sure, I still managed to do plenty of that during the last three years of my academic career (Hello quarts at Hi-Way, dime drafts at Repub, and the serve-all-comers dive in the basement of the Gunter Hotel), but the seed was planted.

My palate has widened considerably from it’s humble beginnings with Sam’s Cherry Wheat, but on days like today, when the humidity is up and sitting out in sun is the order of the day, it’s still my go to beverage of choice. There are surely better cherry brewed beers out there these days, but none of them will ever take the place of beer I fell in love with long ago and far away.

Bloggers in love…

I read alot of blogs, but there are only a handful that I check on a regular basis. Two of my favorites are soooooo clearly hot to trot for each other. They’re bloggers in love. Which, from what I can tell based on the recent spate of posting, has much in common with teenagers in love. There’s plenty of cross posting, comments, and reblogging from one another’s sites. There’s plenty of not-so-subtile flirting flying in from every direction. Yeah, it’s alot like high school except the writing is better – which I suppose makes it not really like high school at all. Still, I suppose it’s better than pulling pigtails and running away.

Anyway, rather than reaching for something original this morning, I thought I’d plug my two favorite bloggers in love today. Go check out Becca at 25ToFly and the Adam at Chowderhead. You’ll be glad you did.