Utterly impractical, but yet…

My mother made the trip down to Fortress Jeff a few weeks ago. It was the first visit since the Great Plague kicked off fifteen months ago. I suspect that anyone who has moved away from home will recognize that it’s the kind of visit that can be fraught with opportunity for… uhhhh… “adventure.” 

A few days into her visit, I pondered aloud about re-organizing the living room to free up an extra wall to install bookcases when the collection eventually overruns the newly designated library area that formerly did business as an ill-used dining room. That comment earned me a long look…. And yes, it was most definitely that look. The kind we’re all familiar with from growing up. 

The look™ lead to a perfectly reasonable discussion of why it would make the room look too crowded, not match the rest of the furniture, and in general be a bad idea. She wasn’t wrong. At best, it would make the room’s layout vaguely awkward. It wasn’t a project on my short list anyway – more something to be pressed into service only if all other blank wall space was consumed. 

Leaving the assessment of too many bookcases already, and too many books, and why don’t you just use the library like a normal person (Answer: Largely, because the average local library doesn’t carry much in the way of older, more obscure titles that I’m lucky to have lurking on my own shelves), I really expected that particular conversation was over. It probably should have been…

But then, a completely offhand remark, probably in jest, suggesting that if I just moved into the guest bedroom, there would be room in the master bedroom for at least a dozen bookcases around the walls with another dozen in aisles down the center. 

Yeah, that one sent my head spinning off to places it really has no business going. It’s a ridiculous idea, obviously. I mean just hiring a structural engineer to assess the dead weight load the floor in there could take is going to be an effort… Maybe I’ll roll that in to the bathroom renovation plan. You know, just to have the information in my hip pocket if I ever need it.

Prep work…

There are some who would call me a bit of a neat freak. It’s a habit that with the exception of my brief residence in a run-down apartment on Center Street in Frostburg, I’ve had all my life as far as I can remember. It’s probably a mild form of OCD, but it works for me. The real reason for the pull out the stops cleaning and straightening extravaganza this weekend is the impending visit from my mother… Who is probably the root cause of my neatnik tendencies. Seriously, the lady keeps a house straight like nobody’s business. In an effort to keep her from spending the entire visit cleaning, I’ve kicked it into overdrive this weekend. The living room didn’t get dusted, though, and there’ll probably be hell to pay for that, but overall the place looks to be in good shape and is probably cleaner than it’s been since the last time she was here.

Of course the dining room that is now home to two ridiculously large wire dog crates (and no dining room table) will probably get a look or two. It’s hard to believe that with me and two dogs living here, a three bedroom house doesn’t seem to have enough room… In a pinch I guess I could forgo the home office, but other than the kitchen, it’s probably the room that gets the most use.

I suppose that’s my round about way of saying that after all the prep work my mom will be visiting for the week… I’m sure you can expect a story or two as two seriously hard-headed people live once more under one roof and as she works through first time jitters of flying without someone else along with her. Do you suppose it’s inappropriate to through out the “my house, my rules” line at least once? But seriously, I don’t make it home nearly as often as I’d like to… so sometimes it’s nice when home comes to me.