The hazards of blogging…

Keeping a personal blog is like walking a razor between sharing enough to keep things interesting and holding enough back to keep some semblance of privacy. At the moment, there are a number of things I want to write down as well as many that I have scribbled notes for already. Unfortunately, most of those fall into the category of things that I will never be brave or foolish enough to publish. So that leaves me alone with my neatly typed out thoughts and a blank space where my next blog should be. Of course there is something delightfully tempting about flooding the interwebs with post after post and laying bare the mental gymnastics I go through when deciding what to post and what will not see the light of day. But, at heart I remain an intensely private person whose best course for years has been in keeping his own counsel. So again tonight, I will sign off with the simple promise that there are better posts to come… Assuming, that is, I can get myself unmuddled and back down to business.

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