I always thought it would be a cold day in hell before I’d find myself taking my hat off to former president Clinton. I’ve grudgingly admitted in the past that he was probably a once in a generation mind and arguably had more raw political skill than any president of the 20th century. But seriously, pulling off a trip to North Korea, launching a full fledged comeback as America’s senior statesman, and all while his wife is Secretary of State is something I would have never imagined within the realm of possibility. He really is masterful that way.

In the warm glow of almost a decade’s distance, I have to admit that I’ve come to like Bill more than I ever did while he was in office. Perhaps that has something to do with him no longer being able to foist wild-ass policies on the populace while at the same time still being fun to watch. Oh, I still think a president ought to have more respect for the institution and the office than his decision-making allowed, but I have to admit that Bubba had a good day today… Although in fairness, I would have rather seen him bitch slap Kim Jong-Il just so the little troll knows America’s pimp hand is still strong.

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