Counting Crows is one of those bands that takes me back to a very specific time and place in life. They laid down the soundtrack to most of my college days and some of my best memories revolve around listening to their CDs or listening to someone pick out their tunes on their guitar. Finally getting the chance to see them in person tonight was a real thrill for me. As much as I don’t want to sound like a teenaged girl, all I can say is that it was a seriously moving experience.

Tonight’s show was basically a two and a half hour jam session with Augustana. There were no real sets to speak of and band members sat in on each others songs throughout the night. Really a tour de force performance with a lead singer who was very obviously in pain from a knee injury, but kept coming back for more even when he needed help getting off the stage. I’m just incredibly impressed and excited to have been there for the show. So, this summers tour is highly recommended and I’d definitely pony up the money if I had the chance to see them again.

It’s been a great day and an even better night. I’m going to bed with a grin on my face and some truly fantastic memories.

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