Day 75…

We are now at day 75 of the thirty-day hiring freeze. Surely we’ve attritted off some of those overhires by now, right? Seriously, we even have a budget for the rest of the fiscal year now. So, come on already Overlord of Personnel. Let’s get the hiring process thawed out.

I haven’t racked and stacked my list lately, but the total number of resumes released into the wild stands at 335. I’d estimate that about a third of those are still in the “open” category. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 are sitting on the desk of a real human being. I’ve had two interviews for positions that are “frozen” and have another one coming up later this week. I didn’t particularly want to go outside of DoD, but they’re making it very hard to show the love right about now… so Treasury, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Coast Guard, FEMA, and a host of others are being fed into the mix as of about two weeks ago.

My search grid now extends from Philadelphia down to Richmond and from the Shenandoah Valley east to Norfolk. Like Grant contemplating a similar piece of real estate, “I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.”

Such is the ferocity of my desire to catch the last train out of Crazyville.

2 thoughts on “Day 75…

  1. I am sitting, and waiting, too. I have submitted hundreds of resumes with 21 sitting on a real human being’s desk. Through unofficial channels, I know I have been recommended for one (back in February!). I have even contacted my Senator’s office to see if they can get to the bottom of when the hiring freeze will be over now that the budget has passed. Of course, they haven’t responded.

    • I really thought they’d be back in a hiring mode after the budget passed. My biggest fear now is that the powers that be will extend it to the end of the FY. I haven’t even heard a whisper coming down through HR channels though. Not even rumors of rumors. Good luck with your search. Hopefully we’ll be getting with the program soon.

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