I’m not a particularly pious man. I don’t think I can remember the last time I was in a church that didn’t involve a wedding or a funeral. I don’t think that makes me a bad person and I still think of myself, nominally, as a Christian. At least that’s how I was raised. Even if I were a hard core, mainstream Christian I can’t imagine a scenario where someone burning a Bible would result in me and my closest friends taking to the street and demanding execution for the guys who lit the flame. As a matter of principle, I’m opposed to book burning in whatever form it takes. Destroying knowledge is never good for the upward swing of humanity. Still, I think it’s time for our Afghan friends to take a deep breath and think for a minute before they decided this is an issue worth dying and killing for. I’m not a theologian or anything, but I’m pretty sure that God or Allah, or whoever you’re busy praying to doesn’t actually live between the covers of the Bible or Koran. At the end of the day it’s just a book – a collection of highly processed pieces of dead trees. You can no more destroy a system of beliefs contained in a copy of one of these books than you can destroy Kellogs by setting fire to the box of Corn Flakes I have sitting on top of my refrigerator.

Was it a mistake? Maybe. Was it stupid? Absolutely. Is it worth killing over? Yeah, not to much. I guess I just don’t have the mindset to be an extremist. Some things are worth fighting and dying for… To my way of thinking, though, anything I can buy from Amazon and have shipped to my house overnight doesn’t qualify for that level of importance.

4 thoughts on “Burnt…

  1. Well said. The problem is – how are you going to get that message to the people who need to hear it?

    There’s a different mind set with the ‘religious’ world. We in the West are influenced by our movies and television and those raised in the East are influenced by their preachers and Imams.

    Until people free themselves from their leaders’ strong opinions and start to think for themselves the burning of Qurans and Bibles will continue to offend them in defense of their ‘God.’

  2. Like it has always been, the only solution to ignorance is education. How many centuries did it take us in the West to quit killing each other in the name of the Lord… and come up with more politico-economic reasons to wage war on one another? 😉

  3. Exactly. If we aren’t killing each other over religion, it will be some other difference. I think as long as there are religions that don’t permit free thinking (free will), then there will always be problems between them. Just my opinion. 🙂

  4. The problem, of course, is that everybody has ‘religion.’ For some it’s whatever church, others it’s politics, for yet more others it’s the environment or movies or sports heroes. It seems we’re all following someone or something.

    Certainly the key is to be ‘free’ in one’s own life and make a serious effort to pursue truth and justice. The way I see it, anyway …

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