Life with dogs…

Aside from the occasional inconvenience, I like life with dogs. Fiercely loyal, always happy to see you, undemanding, and absolutely non-presumptuous, dogs never pretend to be anything other than what they are. To me that feels like a big part of their charm. Say what you want about dogs, but unlike most of the people you’ll run into, a dog will never disappoint you. Oh they’ll break your heart sure enough, but they’ll never disappoint you.

Now as much as I’m a fan of life with dogs, that doesn’t mean it’s without it’s occasional quirky unpleasantness. Early in their lives, I set the precedent of going out myself whenever they needed to go out. The result, five or six years later, is that even though I no longer need to go outside every hour or two, they’ll sit on the other side of the door and wait for me to come out before heading off the deck. While I’m writing this, they want to be outside but they’re making due by laying in front of the door watching the coming and going of the neighborhood. This, in turn, leads to its own issues.

Winston is mercifully happy just keeping an eye on what passes by. Maggie on the other hand sees it, barks at it, and wants to chase it. It doesn’t matter if its a neighbor, someone riding a bike, a car turning, a bird, a leaf blowing past, the flag catching the breeze, or absolutely nothing at all. She likes her presence to be known even by things that aren’t actually there. It’s well and good. She’s being a dog and I love her for that. Still, it would be nice if we could go more than 45 seconds without her letting out a howl that makes me jump out of my skin.

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