For Official Use Only…

131186317From time to time I like to offer up helpful tips about life in the modern American workplace. I consider it kind of a public service. Hopefully it’s just one of the many topics here that people find useful or at least vaguely entertaining.

Tonight’s tip goes out to all those office drones who are walking around with a “For Official Use Only” credit card in their wallet. For most of us, you can count on one hand the number of times in a year (or in a career) when you’ll actually need to use that card. What you might not notice is how much that FOUO BigBank Mastercard looks nearly identical to the personal BigBank Mastercard that you’ve also been carrying around for years.

In fact, until you get an email from your boss wondering why there’s a $500 deposit charged on your official credit card, you probably won’t even notice that you’ve slipped the wrong one in your wallet and used it to book the hotel for your upcoming vacation. In case there’s any confusion, even I can’t manage to spin that one into the “official business” category.

I’m sure I’ll spend a big hunk of the next few days trying to get that straightened out and back onto my own card where I thought it was all along. Just when I think I’ve done every stupid thing a career bureaucrat can do, I run out and set the bar just a little bit higher for myself.

The more you know…

3 thoughts on “For Official Use Only…

  1. Jeff,

    I am impressed they actually “caught” it. Not in the sense you were attempting to do something wrong but the Government is notorious for simply, well, not doing anything correct. Loved the post though! Haha. Being a former Gov worker it gave me a good laugh!


    • There may be a million and one things wrong in my little corner of Uncle’s big green machine, but they’re jealous watchers of the travel cards… now if you want to talk about mural painting, frosted glass installation, and a host of other utter wastes of money, I can chit chat on those all day long, but the travel cards, by God are rock solid.

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