Posts on demand…

Since this blog has taken on the feeling of a full time discussion of the trials and tribulations of home buying, I’m going to fall back on an a tried and true method of ginning up some new ideas for those periods when my brain is churning through some house related issue about which you likely have little to no actual interest.

That’s right! For a limited time only I’m opening the request line and offering up my take on the topic or topics of your choice.

I won’t make an “I’ll answer everything” promise as there are still a few bits of life I don’t think belong on the internet, but for the most part the field is wide open to your ideas – so go ahead and leave a comment, send me a message on Facebook, a direct message on Twitter, email, text, of whatever method you prefer. I always like these little exercise because they get me outside whatever is going on in my head at any given moment. Hopefully that keeps things a little more interested for everyone out there, too.

So yeah, go ahead and help me help you, ok?

3 thoughts on “Posts on demand…

  1. Jeff! I would be interested in reading about the best meal you’ve ever eaten, as well as the worst one. I think you’d also speak intelligently about what you think makes people excellent bosses; you’ve had a variety of careers in a few different places, and have probably had supervisors that ran the gamut. And finally, I’d be interested in finding out what your dream job would be, and what you think it would entail to make that a reality.

    • Wow! You’ve asked a mouth full, but I think I can get my arms around all of those. I’ll get some ideas together and see what I can come up with on all three. Thanks for the ideas!

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