What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Denali. Humans have been changing the names of places basically forever. In parts of the world that have been continuously populated for thousands of years it’s happened a lot. That’s why there isn’t currently a Sumerian city-state called Ur in southern Mesopotamia. That place is now called Tell el-Muqayyar and is located in southern Iraq. Five thousand years from now it seems pretty unlikely that it’s going to matter whether in 2015 there was a mountain in Alaska called Denali or Mt. McKinley. It seems to me that both sides are wasting a good deal of breath on something that just doesn’t really matter all that much.

2. Annual Training. Every new fiscal year starts the clock on the approximately 47,632 annual mandatory training requirements I’m supposed to take. Every year, I’m determined not to procrastinate in taking them. Every year I somehow find myself well into September and realizing that I’ve done none of them. Yes, it’s my fault that I procrastinated on checking those boxes… but perhaps if there weren’t quite so many that need checked I wouldn’t feel the need to avoid them for as long as humanly possible.

3. Do your damned job. If you’re hired to do a job and find that the requirements of the position demand something that that violates your moral or ethical code, honor demands that you resign from that position. Honor doesn’t demand that you make a spectacle of yourself by simply not doing the job (while continuing to draw salary). If your moral sensibilities aren’t troubled enough that you need to resign in protest, then they aren’t really troubled and all you’re trying to do is get your face on television. At that point you’re not a martyr to the cause, you’re a self-aggrandizing douchecanoe.

2 thoughts on “What Annoys Jeff this Week?

  1. The problem with the idiot changing the name of McKinley to Denali or whatever the hell it’s now called is not in the name change. It’s in the way the idiot went about it. You see this same douche would change the name of the United States if he could. I use the term idiot loosely here for I would call him worse but I don’t need the NSA at my house. You see brither Jedd

  2. You see brother Jeff, this douche has an inherit hatred for this nation. How could a black president set race relations back 50 years? Just like he changed the name of a mountain, or brokered a losing deal with Iran. Should Madam Hillary win next year, and I think she will, we are witnessing the last generation of folks who will call this nation the United States. My clan will go with Texas when it leaves.

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