The drip…

I spent some time this morning, like I do on most pre-dawn Sunday mornings sitting at my desk, reading over the wires, paying a few bills, and drinking coffee before getting the day started in earnest. Somewhere, about 14 feet above my head one of the skylights is dripping. I know this because the mortgage statement I happened to have sitting in front of me suddenly had three distinct water marks appear on it. It was precisely three and now I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes waiting on the next one to fall. But it hasn’t. Which means I’m going to end up doing exactly the kind of thing I didn’t want to do this weekend… break out the ladder and go searching for of a one-off leak in the damned skylight. This is how it suddenly turns into Sunday night and I’m left wondering where the weekend went. All because of three damned little drops of water and wanting to stop them from turning into a flood.

2 thoughts on “The drip…

  1. You have three choices. Call a roofer. (Preferred). Get on the roof and chalk/tar all around it. Get rid of the skylight. The damn things always end up leaking. This is why I suggested option one as preferred. If you want the light, you better call the roofer cause at some point you will anyway.

    Jeff Metz Sent from my iPhone


    • After an hour of poking and prodding, I wasn’t able to find any moisture coming off or around that skylight at all. Not even any signs that it had ever been wet. I left some paper on the desk while it was pouring rain yesterday and it’s still bone dry. Since it has been a one off and I can’t replicate it or see any evidence of it happening before, I’m “monitoring the situation” for the time being. Next time I see something it’s a call to the roofer.

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