A Noncommissioned Officer and a Gentleman…

I got word a few minutes ago that an old colleague was no longer among our number. Normally that would be the end of the discussion, but in that most rare of workplace circumstances, Ron was not just a colleague and sometimes boss, but he was also a friend. He was the embodiment of a larger than life personality – the life of the part even if it were only a party of one. The world was brighter for his being a part of it and I find it dimmer now in his passing.

Ron was that most rare of creatures; he was a good man. If I were to live another lifetime I know that I would not look upon his like again.

Rest well, my old friend.

2 thoughts on “A Noncommissioned Officer and a Gentleman…

  1. I am sorry to see your news about Ron. I didn’t know him but had always heard his name around the office. May he rest in peace. Prayers for his family and friends.

    • Thanks, Deb. He was definitely one of the good guys. It’s hard to imagine some of the rabbit holes we’d have run down if it weren’t for Ron occasionally letting us know that it was “the dumbest think I’ve ever heard.”

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