Three long days…

I had three long days to get a post together. I’d like to sit here and make some brilliant excuse for why it didn’t happen. The truth is I kind of completely forgot that today was actually Monday and not the second coming of Sunday. The fact that it’s Monday utterly escaped my mind is the closest thing I have to an excuse for today’s lack of pithy commentary/bitching and complaining.

If I’m painfully honest it was nice to have three consecutive days when I wasn’t particularly worried about stringing words together in something close to a coherent (and mildly entertaining) order. I’m sure all will be as normal by this time tomorrow, but just now I’m going to soak in the last of these three days and appreciate them for the unplanned break they became.

2 thoughts on “Three long days…

  1. Well, you had three long days but, I’ve had months haha… you’re doing better than me so far 😉 .

    I mean I’ve been posting, but infrequently, irregularly, sometimes with weeks or a month or two between posts. Not very good for generating traffic, or even for keeping my knack for communication a sharpened skill (I’m still shaking off the rust atm).

    • Haha. I get it, believe me. Slipping away from writing is so much easier than it is to keep it going day after day. Being a creature of habit is a huge benefit to me on that – as long as my week is going along the usual routine, daily writing is just part of the norm. If something like a holiday pops up, though, all bets are off. I’ve never cracked the code on generating much traffic around here. If 30-40 people see it on any given day I’ve had a very good day. For me, I’ve found the most important part to be just doing the writing and if anyone else finds any value in it, that’s just the gravy on top. 🙂

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