Joy suckers…

I was served up an article today listing the “10 costumes you must never ever wear for Halloween” unless you want to risk being branded a privileged cultural appropriating racist. Having worn a few of those costumes as a kid, I can only say I’m incredibly thankful to have grown up before everyone started being offended by everything and all dissent can be silenced by simply branding the other person racist. The ideological lock step with which certain segments of the population seem to believe must be adhered to without question or deviation is chilling. Especially when you remember a time when that same group rallied regularly in support of radical free expression in the arts, in public forums, and on the airwaves. Then again, perhaps that really just meant freedom for those enunciating approved, doctrinaire ideas.

Here’s the neat thing about being a grown ass adult: I’m old enough to not have to ask anyone’s permission before wearing anything, especially not when the point of the day is to dress up in such a way as to come as you aren’t. I’m also old enough to remember when the ending of a popular children’s poem was “But names will never hurt me,” though that’s probably a topic for a different post. In any case, I heartily thank the gods I haven’t gotten a cease and desist letter from the punk rockers, or the new wave kids, or the grunge bands demanding that I give up my beloved Doc 1640s. Surely, based on how the idea of cultural appropriation is being applied in the early 21st century, I’m guilty of absconding with late 20th century English heritage, no?

Maybe you won’t hear it anywhere else this year, but you’ll hear it from me – if you want to dress as a samurai, bandit, cowboy, cop, biker, construction worker, sailor, Indian chief, or whatever else happens to tickle your happy place, go forth as you will and enjoy your Halloween festivities. My advice to you is to not let the fact that some small segment of the population wants to act as judge and jury of a self-appointed inquisitorial hurt feelings goon squad get in the way of your enjoying the day. They’ve clearly managed to suck the joy our of their own lives already and you’d be well served not to let them do the same to yours.

Not a sermon, just a thought.

3 thoughts on “Joy suckers…

  1. I’m actually kind of happy about the PC culture in that sense, if you think about it, it’s a simple and now unavoidable way to teach kids to stand up for themselves, teach them to express themselves by wearing costumes they love, and to stand up for themselves against anyone telling them they can’t express themselves like that, it’s a good learning experience for children, and age-appropriate to I would argue, even though the nuances of that particular bad on the culture wars is being waged by adults, what kids get exposed to could, conceivably, actually be good for them and backfire on the PC police, the progressives and hard left activists who try to say what you can and can’t wear for Halloween.

    • That’s a fair point and one I hadn’t considered. It’s hard not to be in favor of something that’s so clearly illustrating the value – and sometimes the price you have to pay – for self expression.

  2. Who would have thought, simply being yourself into being free is actually a counterculture. Sad and that it wasn’t dominant for years, but good and that the values of freedom and free expression climbing back to dominance, the struggle itself to achieve that, has an undefinable, massive value cuz those who go through it. Great opportunity for Learning and growth, with the side benefit that has The Underdogs, more and more people tend to want to root on those who advocate for those values.

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