Not bloody likely…

I think I’m suffering from annoyance fatigue. There are plenty of things this week that should have annoyed me to no end, but the most I’ve been able to muster is a shrugging dismissal. To quote a line from one of the great influential critiques of modernity, “It’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that I just don’t care.”

In a world increasingly determined to find new and interesting ways to agitate the living shit out of me, I find the number of things I feel compelled to dedicate any mental bandwidth to decreases every day. Where there used to be concern for global and national problems, my current span of concern regularly contracts to the point where it barely extends beyond the house, its residents, and whatever activities need done to meet our short- and longer-term goals.

Sure, that still leave plenty of space for being annoyed, but it’s as if somewhere in my head is a magical shrinking give-a-shit. At this rate, by mid-2035 maybe I’ll have reached some level of Zen consciousness where I truly don’t give a shit about anything and we can dispense with What Annoys Jeff this Week forever.  

That’s not bloody likely, of course, but it’s a happy dream.

2 thoughts on “Not bloody likely…

  1. I can tell you were pretty annoyed with yourself when you wrote this, because I found at least two grammatical errors in the post. Doesn’t it annoy you when people take the time to nit pick all your little faults because they just get off on it. Probably even annoyed you that I didn’t place a question mark at the end of that last statement, too. Is that the correct ‘to’?

    Just trying to prime the ol’ well, JT– just priming the well of annoyance and filling your irritation pipes.

    Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

    • If there are two things I openly acknowledge being bad at they are 1) Proofreading and 2) Remembering names. Both are a lifelong affliction I’ve (mostly) made peace with.

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