Salute to the unknown bureaucrat…

Somewhere in London right now is a nameless, faceless bureaucrat punching tons above his weight class as he struggles mightily to corral monarchs, heads of state, and plenipotentiaries. Each of them is a petty king or queen in their own realm and unaccustomed to going second to anyone. But our bureaucrat will be responsible for ensuring their good behavior if only for an hour or two.

No one will ever know who he is or what he’s done… unless the wheels fall off and blame must find a home. Tomorrow the world will watch the spectacle of Britain honoring one of its most favored daughters. The watching world won’t know or care how the show was made or anything at all about the bureaucrat.

It’s cold comfort, but I’ll know. Or at least I’ll have the barest inkling of what’s gone into making sure the spectacle looks effortless. I’ll marvel at the effort, the sleepless nights, and the frenetic pace. Though you’ll remain forever unknown, I’ll salute you.

3 thoughts on “Salute to the unknown bureaucrat…

  1. According to the London times, the chief planner is the Duke of Norfolk – one of their family’s responsibilities (along with other dog and pony shows like opening of parliament). He’s been planning this for years. He said probably they had something like 20 planners in the room, recently it was something like 228 (I can’t remember the exact numbers) but yes, I’ve watched in awe (my poor clueless sister asked why they would need so many planners). Also amazing that it was pulled off with people walking in the open and no terrorist incidents. And he doesn’t get paid for it.

    • I’ve read somewhere that the Dukes of Norfolk are the hereditary party planners for the kingdom. If that was the price of my dukedom, I’m afraid I’d really have to give it a second thought.

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